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2m Oscillot DIY Kit

1 x Oscillot Aluminium Paddle + fittings.

AED 265.00
4m Oscillot Kit

2 x Oscillot Aluminium Paddles + fittings.

AED 440.00
10m Oscillot Kit

5 x Oscillot Aluminium Paddles + fittings.

AED 995.00
20m Oscillot Kit

10 x Oscillot Aluminium Paddles + fittings.

AED 1,875.00
Knuckle & Bracket combo

1 x Bracket & Knuckle Combo for fixing to concrete walls.

Includes bearings, fixings, screws etc.

Add 1 for each wall in your garden.

AED 70.00
Knuckle Kit

1 extra Knuckle set including bearings, screws etc.

For wooden fences and top of (wood or aluminium) gates.

Add 4 knuckles for EACH gate.

AED 42.50

Click here for how to measure your garden.

All kits include Paddles (1.986m each) + associated knuckles, bearings, axles, wall brackets, plugs and screws