Terms and Conditions - Animalia Members Promotions

For Aanimaliaclub.com members interested in the Oscillot Spinning Paddle Cat Containment Fency System the following T&C's will apply in addition to the General and Installation Terms and Conditions as well as standard warranties.

  • 10.0% discount for garden walls less than 30m in total length.
  • 12.5% discount to garden walls of 30m or more in total length.
  • Animalia members must provide their Animilia membership time at the time of Requesting a Quote in order to qualify for the discount.
  • Discounts will not be 'refunded' or applied retroactively once payment has been received.
  • If not Oscillot does not have stock in place at the time of the promotional order then the promotional discount will be applied to the purchase on receipt of 50% down payment of the invoiced amount.
  • Promotional discounts are subject to the correct Animilia Membership information being entered on the enquiry form with no errors or typographical mistakes.
  • Oscillot.ae reserves the right to adjust promotional offers at it's discretion as required.
  • Promotional discounts apply only to the Oscillot Fence Cat Proofing System and associated parts (paddles, knucles, plugs, brackets etc) and do not apply to any labour, delivery or any other associated costs of the installation.
  • Only one Oscillot promotional code may be used at any one time and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional discounts offered by Oscillot.ae
  • Promotional discount will only be reflected on the Commercial Tax Invoice to the client and will not be paid or returned in any form to the client by Oscillot.ae.