Terms and Conditions - Installation

The tenant or owner of the property, by purchasing the Oscillot kit for installation by Oscillot.ae agree that they have the necessary installation permissions, if required, from their:

  • Landlord (if they are a tenant).
  • Respective neighbours sharing their garden wall/ fence. 
  • Community management.
  • Relevant municipality.

  • If the tenant or owner are in any doubt as to requiring permissions for the installation of the Oscillot Cat Fence Proofing system it is the responsibility of the tenant/ owner to obtain these permissions from the relevant persons and/ or authorities. 
  •  Oscillot does not offer the service of procuring the permissions listed above in any form. 
  •  Oscillot.ae will perform the installation as per the wall measurements provided by the client. Any additional Oscillot kit (paddles, knuckles) not accounted for in the original invoice raised as per measurements and details provided will be charged extra at the time of completion of the invoice. 
  •  Should the client with to install Oscillot system on any walls that are partially or completely lower than 1.80 meters from the ground then Oscillot.ae will require the client to sign an acceptance document that the installation was done against Oscillot.ae’s recommendations and best practices for optimum wall height for the the Oscillot Cat Fence Proofing system. 
  •  The client acknowledges that post-installation that any trees, shrubs and bushes, garden furniture (including BBQ’s) or raised areas that are nearer than 2m to the garden wall that may allow a cat sufficient leverage for jumping and defeating the Oscillot Cat Fence Proofing system are removed from being near to the garden wall/ fence. 
  •  The tenant/ home owner acknowledges that, while the Oscillot.ae’s technicians will take all due care and measures to prevent unnecessary damage to the garden wall or fence, that the quality of wall or fence strength can be influenced by the quality of original materials used and by the age of the garden wall or fence. 
  •  Ocillot.ae will be in no way responsible for cracking, chipping or breaking of walls or fences during or after the installation. 
  • Oscillot.ae in no way makes representation that paddle or bracket colours will match that of the purchaser’s wall/ fence colours. 
  • Should the purchasing client require additional cat-proofing done to their garden over and above the installation of the Oscillot Cat Fence Proofing system then Oscillot.ae can recommend partner companies who can perform this work at an additional cost. Please contact us for this.