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Oscillot vs Cat Netting, Cat Cages and Electric Fencing

Responsible cat owners know there are many reasons why keeping your cat safely contained is by far the best option.
But should it be at the cost of your garden' aesthetics? Who wants to ruin their beautiful garden space with cat netting?
No one!


There are a few options available for cat-proofing your yard, be it your front yard or your backyard. There's cat netting, cages and cat runs and electric cat fences to name the most common.

We might be biased, but Oscillot® really is the best option if you want a clean, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing fence cat-proofing solution to keep your fur-baby safe.


We guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy your garden, and your beloved kitty for many years to come, without unsightly cat netting, metal cages or dangerous electric cat fencing!

And the oither great thing?

Your Oscillot investment goes with you. It is easily removable for reinstallation at your new villa.

(We offer a relocation service as well.)





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